Rooting Hanae was taking forever, so i decided to try that thing where they paint the doll’s head the color of their hair, and well; it turned out great~ I do still need to do a little rooting, but no where near as much as originally anticipated. Plus i need to trim her ends~

[Sorry about the first two pics being kinda blurry, i couldn’t get the camera to focus on her head. Also, Vermillion was holding the pencil that was used to hold her head while it dried cause he was there and have those grippy hands~]

I tried using a sparkly gel pen for Aqua’s lipstick, and it’s not too bad. At first, I used a white pen to give her teeth, but it wasn’t working so i filled it all in~

[Aqua is my oldest doll and I really don’t want to replace her, but her face is fading, her hand is messed up, and her neck’s kinda broke. She could be worst though, right? :| ]

Gel pen face up…

Ok, i “tried” to do the faceup again, and tbh one of the eyes didn’t turn out so bad, but idk if i’ll try this on anything other than the test doll, though i really do like the sparkly pens for the lips~

New doll house flooring~

In the house i’m currently doing renovations on, i’ve collected some of the flooring for the new doll house. The kitchen will have the same flooring as my kitchen[which need to be cleaned], I don’t really know which flooring i’m using for the bathroom, Aqua’s floors are going to be the same as mine, and for her balcony; i’m thinking the sample grass carpets~