I have partially succeeded in making a doll sofa-bed~
I created the bed out of a microfiber bath math, two Home Depot laminate flooring samples, some buttons, hot glue, and thread. I still need to make the sofa-bed stronger by adding something to the bottom, and cover it with fabric~
[I searched for tutorials on how to make a doll sofa-bed, but none of them appealed to me, so i created my own~]

Time for learning~
It’s been a while since Aqua last gave Cassandra & 1961 a lesson on the physical makeup of various beings living in her house, so today Aqua decided to teach them about the anthropomorphic cats; Queens and Toms aka Mayaharni & Sagamoto. Aqua taught them all that she knew, but she had to bring Mayaharni & Sagamoto in to teach about their reproductive systems given that the Queens and Toms live on separate planets, and they reproduce amongst themselves which mean that they both must be a sort of hermaphrodite, like snails. Before they began their lesson, Aqua decided to leave and tend to other things~

Finally have internet again!
For the past 2 weeks my only source of internet was my phone, and that’s because my of family’s moving. Also, i decided to put my minecraft figures on each side of my computer~

Revealed secrets~
Jake and Hanae have been good friends for quite some time; they’ve once worked the same shift at Jake’s old job, but recently they’ve decided to start ice skating together. The first time, they each brung another person; Hanae brung Tamaki, and Jake brung Rapunzel just cause she have never been just like himself. They all had a fantastic time and the end, but a couple months later Hanae & Jake just went by themselves. Jake was planning on having a typical grand time, but after a while when they decided to sit down for a little break, Hanae started asking Jake questions that he would usually just avoid, but it was getting late and he was getting tired which is when he’s most vulnerable. Of course Jake did still try to avoid the questions, but Hanae made it impossible so he pretty much told her everything; like how he takes care of Dan because Dan require the assistance, and even how he “like” someone. Hanae of course needed to know who, but Jake wouldn’t say, so Jake had her do a little guessing game, but it didn’t take long until she guessed “Josh”. It was so awkward for Jake that he couldn’t tell her if she was right or not, but she could tell from his response that he’s the one, so she made a cheeky grin, and they continued their skate night until they went home. Jake actually felt moderately relieved to tell someone all of these things, but at the same time he hoped that she forgot everything. Right now they’ve been pretty distant since the job closed, though they do still text each other, and Jake kind of hope that one day she’ll randomly bring up any of that conversation during the skating trip… specifically something referring to his love life~