Who is this holding all up on Jake and getting his chest stepped on by Aqua? Well, his name is Kazimerz AKA Kaz. He is Aqua’s house’s area mail man and he has a thing for Jake. Kaz isn’t one of those people who shy away from things, he like to go straight for what he want, so one day while Kaz was on his mail run he saw Jake casually standing outside the house so he road up to Jake and grabbed him from the back and asked if he wanted to go out with him. By this point Jake was violently trembling, his face was completely red, and just couldn’t say anything. Kaz then said, “what’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” Suddenly Aqua popped out of the house ‘cause her and Jake were initially planning on going to the market. When she noticed this man holding Jake; she immediately approached him, grabbed his face, threw him to the ground, and stomped a foot on his chest. “What the heck are you doing?”, Aqua aggressively stated. “Just visiting my boyfriend”, Kaz replied with a cheeky grin. Aqua looked over at Jake who was obviously still traumatized from this event. Aqua knew that from Kaz’s use of a cheeky grin, he was definitely not just going to stop there so it would be pointless for her to beat him up and she really didn’t want to get the police involved, so she just said “don’t mess with him again”, grabbed Jake and proceeded to the house. Abruptly Kaz yelled, “bye boyfriend!” and Aqua just slammed the door behind her. When they got in the house and sat on the sofa; Aqua informed Jake about how awfully things could have gone if she didn’t come out at the time she did. Jake just began to cry and said “I’m sorry”. Aqua offered a hug that was received, and responded “i know.”~

Happy birthday to me!~

I got a doll camper, mini Minecraft figures, and a camera [whos quality is kind of disappointing and i definitely will have to wear my glasses to see anything on the little screen, but i’m not going to complain] ~

[Also, if you were wondering what happened to my old camera; well it was never mine to begin with, but the owner (my brother) never used it so i always had it, and we got into a little commotion a good while ago that ended with me deciding against using any of his stuff~]

Pointless phone battle?
Rapunzel acquired the all new IPhone 6 Plus today, and she went on a “my phone is better than yours” spiel. Aqua was having none of it prior to her accusation of Iphones being a lesser phone and them only being a fad, so she pulled out her LG G Flex and they went over intricate details that made their phone better. Eventually Jake stepped in and said “a phone is a phone, for better or for worst”. They both begrudgingly agreed to his statement, and went their separate ways~

Though only one enemy, Emerald, followed Aqua & the crew to their new home. Aqua know that eventually Roy & Demon Swift plus their child will find them. One thing that Aqua know that everyone else doesn’t is that when Aqua & Roy first seen eachother on Earth and they were having a conversation, a little black cloud flew into Roy’s ear and suddenly Roy turned all evil, so Aqua is trying to figure out a plan to remove Demon Swift’s demon essence from Roy’s brain without having to kill him even though he’s naturally annoyingly clingy to her and she enjoys the separation~